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The Founders of My Song of Hope, Inc.

Lt. Rodney Bond, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Lt. Rodney Bond is a 15 year law enforcement veteran and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. Rodney is an accomplished businessman and owner of two businesses. Rodney’s business experience and knowledge will be invaluable as the Chief Executive Officer for My Song of Hope, Inc.

Since Rodney was a young boy he always felt the need and desire to help people, in particularly those who were less fortunate. That is what drives him as a law enforcement professional. When Rodney and Hope started My Song of Hope, Inc. focused on homeless veterans, Rodney had a profound connection to its mission. There are very few people who can do what is expected of a military officer and when a soldier has been in combat, no one knows the devastating toll war can have on their mental and physical well-being. These veterans have given so much of themselves to ensure that our countrymen and women enjoy the freedoms that make us this great nation. They have made great sacrifices that have in some cases adversely impacted their family lifestyle, physical and psychological well-being - all in the spirit of protecting and serving our country. Knowing and understanding those sacrifices from Rodney’s law enforcement experience has inspired him to help in the  efforts to eliminate homelessness.

"We owe a debt of gratitude to these veterans and it is our obligation to be selfless and come to their aid in their time of need."

Hope Johnson-Anderson, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Ms. Anderson has been involved in volunteer work at various homeless shelters for a number of years. She has studied grant writing and non-profit management, substance abuse counselling, all while employed for over 30 years in the corporate legal field. She is very passionate about her service to veterans who have lost their way, and also encourages friends and family to join her in her volunteer work.

Because of her interest in helping veterans, she decided to start a non-profit with the help of her close associates. Since she has been involved in helping veterans, My Song of Hope, Inc. decided to open up their homelessness assistance program to veterans, as a start.

It is with great faith and perseverance that we are presenting to you the start-up phase of our non-profit, My Song of Hope, Inc.  I am grateful for the exposure and experience gained in my years of working with corporate attorneys and am even more fortunate that I now have an opportunity to utilize the experience I acquired to work with other great people in getting our organization fully operational by September 2018.  Our mantra is "Giving Hope and Advocacy to Eliminate Homelessness".

Once operations and day-to-day activities are fully operational, My Song of Hope, Inc. will open their facilities to other homeless groups as well.