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Illustrated below are the services we offer in our start-up Veteran homelessness program:
Personal Development Workshops
Vocational Training
Music Therapy/Horticulture Therapy
Substance Abuse Counseling
Case Management: Introduction to Basic Life Needs
Note:  Study of Anthony Robbins' writings on Basic Life Needs (described in part below).

  • Certainty – The need for safety, security, comfort, order, consistency, control

  • Variety – The need for uncertainty, diversity, challenge, change, surprise, adventure

  • Significance – The need for meaning, validation, feeling needed, honored, wanted, special

  • Love and Connection – The need for connection, communication, intimacy and shared love with others

  • Growth – The need for physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development

  • Contribution – The need to give, care, protect beyond ourselves, to serve others and the good of all

Computer Training
Interpersonal Skills Building Seminars
Independent Living Skills
Community Involvement
Financial Literacy